Friday, March 4, 2011

different angle

How do people perceive maturity?

It can be by any means, being influenced by many factors.

Somehow, being in this road of tarbiyyah, really has made us like a newborn baby.

Yes, I should say it as, a newborn baby.

Though it takes time for us to learn as much as hikmah that Allah has set for us.

It sounds so beautiful isn't? The sweetness of going through the road of Allah is like when we are haunting for a glass of cold icy apple juice in a hot sunny day.
Even though, there are a lot of hurdles that we have to face.

Process of being matured.
It can be perceived from any angle of life.

Being a matured teenager, or I should say it as a teenager who is growing up.
People can always say,
being a matured person is when you are becoming more aware of
what you are wearing, what brands or styles that you are favour at,
who are the people that you mingle with,
songs that you always listen to ,
places that you always go, or hang out,
and many more things which are always associated with teen's life.

an up-to-date teenager to be exact!

However, being in this road of tarbiyyah,
the definition of being developed is unlikely to be the same, and
the way of perceiving things is also very different.
This is how we are trying to understand different people's perspective when looking at life.


Da'wah dan tarbiyyah itu membina perasaan, apatah lagi membina kehidupan.
Perasaan dan kehidupan yang hanya boleh dirasai oleh orang-orang yang Allah sudah sentuh hatinya dengan hidayah Allah.

and far more importantly on how we look at life from islamic spectacle.
It's different, isn't?

Does this world is just a place to satisfy our needs, or Allah's expectation?

Kembalilah kepada Tuhanmu dengan hati yang redha dan diredhaiNya
Maka masuklah ke dalam golongan hamba-Ku,
dan masuklah ke dalam syurga-Ku
(Al-Fajr, 89:28-30)

Da'wah teaches us to understand human characters which are far more complex!


Anonymous said...

Salam fieqa..

a newborn baby n maturity..:)

heart like a newborn baby but mind are matured...nice..:)

salam mujahadah untuk mengembalikan kita kepada fitrah yang asal..^__^

a.i.s.y.a.h. i.s.m.a.i.l said...

fieqa said...


rasa mcm boleh cam sapa. hehe.
jazakillah ukhti. moga terus istiqamah juga iAllah <3

k aisyah comelsss :

even just a symbol, it is more than enough to touch my heart. ngeh2 :D

hik hik <3 mge trus thabat n istiqmah ukhti! :) insyaAllah

fieqa said...

btw k aisyah,
awat wat blog private.
sy follower tetap akk ok even kdg2 x drop comment. :)
blog y sgt laa k'akhawatan'. heheh.:P

wanna read wanna read! if u want to make it private, invite sy ok! jzkk