Thursday, April 28, 2016

left unsaid

I have so many things in my head (and heart)
but sometimes things are better left unsaid.

Patience, sabar n have faith.
Each and everyone in this world is tested with different kind of ujian according to their level of iman.
Tests are meant to get us closer to Him.

Remember this dear self,
Allah will set everything at the right time, at the right place, with the right people
Pour everything to Allah, as He is the best listener.

You may be clueless of what you are facing right now
One day, only you realise the blessings behind every single thing,
Only you understand the meaning of every tests
It is actually to prepare you for your future.

Indeed Allah knows everything, yup He knows every tiny bits!

Oh Allah, The only thing that I want, may Your Redha be with me and the people around me aameen

P.s- i shoooouuuuullddd keep writing (as what i always tell my students)
Because writing can actually make u feel alive (actually i do write in my ipad, buttt not that frequent) *sigh*

Monday, January 18, 2016

Silent prayer

meyakini Allah dengar doa doa kita tu pon kadangkala sesuatu y amat sukar untuk kita lakukan
Lebih lebih lagi apa yang kita mahukan kita tak dapat

Full stop.
Allah knows best even it hurts
Keep praying.
There r always reasons behind everything.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Ya allah tiba2 terbuka balik blog lama ni. Like dah bertahun2 tinggal. 

Reading back ur own previous posts really awaken your soul, your heart and your mind.
reminsing good old times back in the UK. Haha tapi rasa macam ayat skemaaa sangat pon ada. Hehe. Where ur heart and soul is very dakwah and tarbiyyah oriented. MasyaAllah. I really hope that Allah still showers His endless guidance and blessing to me and to all people around me. InsyaAllah may Allah keep us always in His path although we are now in different phase of life. 

Couldnt have imagined if im not already in the path of dakwah and tarbiyyah.. Sebusy mana pon kita jangan tinggalkan usrah. Hehe. This is the principle that i always hold on to. Try your very best to spread islam as much as u can especially in your working place. Plus please understand priorities. Even though you're very busy with your work and life, pandai2 bahagi masa between keluarga, kerja, dakwah, masa utk diri sendiri (though masa utk sndiri slalu kene korban) dan kawan2 (n orang lain) . Its just the matter of how you organise your own life :)

Too many stories to be shared. Anyhow I thank Allah for every blessings and nikmat. Alhamdulillah